Working for Families Tax Credit Changes

Family, Education and Well-being

From today, the in-work tax credit (IWTC) is available to eligible families who are not receiving an income-tested benefit or student allowance and have some income from paid work each week. This change removes the requirement for working families to work a minimum number of hours.

Previously sole parents must have worked a minimum of 20 hours per week, and couples a minimum of 30 hours pr week between them, in order to be eligible for the IWTC payment.

If your family already receives IWTC payments, you don’t need to do anything- continue to keep your family income and circumstances up to date and you’ll keep receiving the IWTC.

If your family is already receiving Working for Families payments and is now entitled to the IWTC, you also don’t need to do anything. IRD will pay the IWTC automatically- you’ll receive a notice soon showing how much you’ll get and when the payment will be made.

For families not currently receiving Working for Families payments, including the IWTC, you can check if you’re eligible and can apply on the IRD website.

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