Spring Cleaning your Business

Tips for Spring Cleaning your business - Her Drum

As we come to an end of the first month of spring, here are some ideas for spring cleaning.

Spring is a time for renewed energy and clearing out the clutter with a little spring cleaning. This doesn’t just relate to houses. Business owners can also take advantage of this wonderful time of year to get organised and make improvements by spring cleaning their business. Here is few tips to help you spring clean your business.

Review Your Goals

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Spring is a good time to dust off and evaluate your progress. Do the goals you made at the beginning of the year still feel relevant to you? Have new opportunities arisen that might be more meaningful to you now? You should also be reviewing how much you got done in the past few months- was it more or less than what you expected? Update each goal on your list with three, clear action steps and give yourself a deadline to get them done.

Review Your Marketing Strategies & Update Social Media Profiles

Social media networks face $78 million fines for hateful posts in Germany |  Stuff.co.nz

Review your marketing strategies to work out which are most effective. Is your marketing budget being spent in the right areas.

Review social media profiles and website to ensure that everything is up to date, accurate, and wherever possible, secure as it can be. Old posts and irrelevant information can be removed and any new contact information and physical addresses can be updated.

Review Your Business Plan

How To Create A Business Plan

Often, small business owners “set it and forget it” when it comes to their business plan. In reality, you should spend some time revisiting your plan at least once a year and updating it to keep pace with your company. Going back to the basic foundation you built your small business on will always be beneficial.

Clear Out Your Work Area

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A clean, clear work area is a key element of productivity. If you’ve got a desk full of paperwork, you’re severely impacting your productivity. Take everything off your desk, wipe away the grime, clean your computer screen, get rid of all the random business cards and receipts that you’ve hoarded over the past few months, and add some plants or fresh spring flowers. Using Google Drive or Dropbox to organise soft copies of everything you need, instead of using hard copies.

Review Cash Balances

New Reserve Bank figures show that despite plunging interest rates Kiwis  put the most money away in term deposits last month for a year |  interest.co.nz

Whether you have revenue coming in or not, bills must still be paid. This is why it is important to review your cash balances.

Examine Automation of Business Processes

Business Process Automation with AI | ProActys | hot topics

Take a closer look at all aspects of your business bookkeeping to customer support and manufacturing to marketing. Wherever the automation of the work can be done, have a look at software and/or hardware to streamline operations, and free up time and resources.

Reorganise Systems

A practical approach to systems and processes - Bay of Plenty Business News

Do your systems and processes need reorganising? Are the processes you put in place when you started still applicable for the size of the business now? Could they be improved? Often when a business is started it is done with some basic processes. As the business grows these processes may need to be reviewed and refined as they may not be appropriate.

Study Use Of Time

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Begin by having the team do a deeper level of hour tracking. This reveals where the team spends its time and will expose inefficiencies. With solid data, you can analyze and make decisions on platforms or processes that will have a much wider business impact.

Take a Look at Staffing

Your staff are your brand - Waikato Business News

Identifying the roles and responsibilities of every team member on board and ascertain whether downsizing is an option, or cross-training is a better strategy. This will improve revenue, one way or another.

Happy Spring Cleaning!!!

If you need any help with any of these please contact one of our team here at JMA.

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