KiwiSaver – getting the maximum Government contribution

Sole traders and those who are not on a PAYE salary may not be making the most of their KiwiSaver. Each year the Government contributes to your KiwiSaver if you have met the minimum payment requirements as detailed below.

The maximum government contribution is $521.43. To get it all you must contribute at least $1042.86 of your own money between 1 July to 30 June each year. Employer contributions, past government contributions and funds moved from Australian retirement schemes do not count towards the $1,042.86.

You can contribute through:

  • salary and wage deductions
  • payments to Inland Revenue
  • payments to your scheme provider.

You can make a voluntary additional contribution to reach $1,042.86 as long as it is made by 30 June – remember to allow for processing time. 

For all you self-employed people, there is still time for you to make the contributions to get the $521.43.

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