Your Business Leadership Checklist

Great business leaders come in many different forms. They bring people together, lead staff towards a common goal, and keep people updated about where a company is heading. They should also keep staff energised in good times and bad.

Here are five ways to take your leadership to the next level.

1. Create a shared sense of purpose and be clear about where the business is going.

Explain your decision-making. Show how your actions benefit your employees and the business. Make sure you’re honest and have nothing to hide.

2. Always treat people fairly — give credit where it’s due. Take responsibility when things go wrong.

Let employees know you appreciate their work. Be accountable when things go wrong. Hold your hand up when a plan hasn’t come to fruition.

3. Accept you have a moral duty to everyone affected by your business: your staff, their families, and the community.

Business owners don’t operate in a bubble. Be aware of the impact of your actions.

4. Motivate staff through continual development and learning. Help them flourish.

Encourage staff to upskill and learn more about their roles. Boost employees’ self-esteem and add valuable new tools to your business.

5. Show trust in your staff and treat them with respect.

The more you can trust your employees, the more they will trust you and your leadership. Trust builds confidence, creativity, and high performance.

There is a wealth of resources available to help company owners fine-tune their management skills.

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