About Us

The business was founded in 2010 by Joanne Rose who is a Chartered Accountant with many years experience in two large local firms. Anna Jordan joined Joanne at JMA in 2016 as an Associate and has since become a Director of JMA in April 2021.

Both Joanne and Anna are focused on creating and maintaining positive working relationships with their clients and providing exceptional timely service. We have an excellent experienced support team consisting of Veronica, Kim, Vicki and Talia. Veronica looks after all our administration and company office requirements and comes to us after more than 20 years working in a local chartered accounting firm. Kim has more than 15 years experience in a Chartered Accountancy firm and she assists us in the preparation of our financial statements, GST returns and anything else that is required. Vicki has worked in a Chartered Accountancy firm many years ago and has had many years preparing financial statements internally for various companies. Talia is our junior accountant and marketing assistant.